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Carrying bags

See safely with the cat carrier

For a weekend trip, a visit to friends or an appointment with your veterinarian, traveling with your cat requires a minimum of preparation. The choice of the means of transport for your feline is therefore not to be taken lightly. Hence the need to use cat carrier bags . Indeed, it is the ideal accessory! This is perfectly suited, comfortable and secure for transporting our felines. Whether it’s a bag or a crate, the choice is yours. However, the use of the bag is more suitable, because it is light, flexible and guarantees a certain comfort for cats. It exists in several models.

As a specialist in the sale of cat accessories , we have various models. All these models have the advantage of being of high quality and at very attractive prices, whether you opt for the classic or for a more sophisticated bag. We have, among other things, soft bags with a shoulder strap, handles to carry it on the shoulder or in the hand like cat backpacks. The latter is equipped with a solid bottom to ensure the stability of the cat, a front net and a rain cover. Our cat backpacks have been chosen for their practicality but also and above all for the comfort of your cat. This is why all our bags have been designed to allow our four-legged companion great visibility of the outside world. A good way to reduce stress while traveling.