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Cat Toys

Delight your fur ball with cat toys!

Keep in mind and never forget that your cat, before being your little companion and an adorable pet…. remains above all a predator. A predator who only wants good for you, obviously, but a predator nonetheless. Even a domesticated animal retains its instincts. You notice it every time your cat tries to play with you and takes out its claws: the predator comes out.

However, it is not healthy behavior to let your cat bare its claws on men. To channel his hunting impulses, he needs cat toys on which to transfer his instincts. This is how you will tame his predatory temperament and please him.

The cat toys offered on our Orderkeen online cat store have all been designed to be harmless for your animals. They are not likely to choke on or damage anything, whether it's their claws or their teeth. With these perfectly harmless toys, your cat will be able to entertain itself throughout the day without even getting tired before returning to a long, perfectly deserved nap.

There is something for every taste. The most agile and lively will even find something to put their feline skills to the test while having fun. You can then only help to please them by offering them a cat toy like the ones found on Orderkeen.

If you've noticed your cat is bored, it's time to start thinking about cat toys

While you may think of the usual cat toys like balls and bones, there are several interactive toys that will provide your feline with hours of fun.

Choose the best cat toys , as well as toys designed to train and entertain your pet, and you'll both be glad you did.

Interactive toys provide cats with essential physical and mental stimulation through interaction. Place each of these toys in an appropriate location in your cat's home, such as a scratching post or a safe place inside the home, such as a fenced backyard.

Cats love physical stimulation . Cats' paws are easily stimulated when they run around on their paws. By providing them with plenty of exercise, you help them keep their paws healthy.

By giving your cat toys she can play with, you increase her chances of living a longer , healthier life because she gets more of the physical stimulation she needs.

Interactive games

Interactive games and slow feeders are some of the most effective ways to keep your cat active and lose weight . These fun pet activities help cats lose excess pounds quickly and without much effort on your part. A simple solution to keep indoor cats active and stimulate fun in your home.

Laser toys

The idea that cats like lasers is something even scientists don't understand.

The cute little felines love nothing better than chasing a bright red dot every which way, and that's probably because it stimulates their natural hunting instinct to chase, pounce, jump and catch prey.

Most feline behavior experts say that cats do about 8 to 10 hunts per day, and laser toys would be the perfect accessory to satisfy this feline habit.

Indeed, hunting involves running and jumping in all directions and cats enjoy chasing moving objects more than stationary objects. When you play laser tag with your cat, he/she will spend almost as much time chasing the game as playing with it!

The balls

What's more rewarding than a day playing with your pet ball ? Cats are active animals, and they need balls designed for their activities. Although balls intended for active animals can be purchased anywhere, it is important to look for those that are specifically designed for cats.

Cat balls are a perfect way for them to play. Not only do they provide a fun activity for them, but they also make it easier for you to monitor them while they play.

If you have more than one cat, you can also use these balls to keep them in a particular area. This will prevent them from running around freely and causing damage to furniture or other areas of the house.

When purchasing balls for cats, it is important to consider how fast they move. Cat balls should be designed to be bouncy and fun .

They should be able to cover a good distance and bounce at least once before stopping. This way they can get some exercise without you having to run after them all day. Some balls have small holes in them, allowing you to place a treat inside for him to try to catch.

If you think your cat is hungry, you can also fill the hole with canned food so that he gets the necessary nutritional value while playing.