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Cat Clocks and Pendulums

Discover all our cat clocks in this collection dedicated to clock fans and our feline companions!

These cat clock-shaped wall decorations suit all tastes! Whether you choose large feline clocks or smaller cat clocks or even a wall clock, the choice is yours!

Each Cat Clock is unique, whether in shape, appearance or type.

Wall clocks, in general, take an important place in the interior decoration of a house. Due to their size, the “ticking” that can be heard continuously if you pay particular attention or even by the large hands on the dial.
The cat clock is the most popular type of clock in our store because it stands out from other, more basic clocks. Cat clocks are defined by their pendulum which swings from left to right every second. Influenced by the shape of a cat, cat clocks have in almost all cases the famous cat's tail as a pendulum!

If you want a cat clock as the main feline decoration in your room, large cat clocks may interest you! As you might expect, these clocks are identified by their very large size, which is due to their large hands or their extra-large dial!

The Cat Wall Clock is the most basic category of all our cat clocks, for a number of reasons. The very first reason is that all of our feline clocks are usually wall clocks!