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Collars and harnesses

Let yourself be charmed by our cat leashes, collars and harnesses

The cat collar is a real popular and useful everyday accessory. Some use it for aesthetic purposes, others for security. It is both a tool of distinction, an object or a mark of belonging placed around your feline's neck. Indeed, thanks to this and for many owners, the cat collar is like a real identification tool, because we can have a medal where information is mentioned such as: the name of the cat, the telephone number of its owner or even a small bell. Better yet, as an aesthetic object to give your cat a sophisticated look, or as an anti-parasite.

There are many varieties of collars and thanks to our store specializing in cat accessories you will find the one you have always been looking for. We also have numerous harnesses so you can walk your four-legged companion safely. For example, if your adorable kitten tends to run away then there is nothing better than opting for a harness. So you will have understood, it will always be of great use to you. It is a tethering device that allows you to have control over your cat that you love so much. This will therefore serve as a direct link between you and your cat, while reassuring him and preventing him from getting lost.