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Cat Beds

Our range of cat beds!

Your cat also needs access to restful sleep. And that, even more than a human. Cats, whether playing or doing any other activity, tend to run and jump to the point where it requires them to have a lot of energy to spare. Energy that they recover after a long sleep since they sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day. You must therefore choose the right cat bed carefully .

This time spent in the arms of Morpheus must be as comfortable as possible. For this, Orderkeen takes care to provide them with optimal quality cat beds . Our cat beds are available in different models to suit your feline who, as we know, can be demanding.

You can opt for the very classic cat cushion. Thick, soft, comfortable, it does not contain – like our other products – any material likely to cause the slightest allergic reaction in your cat. But maybe this one prefers an even cozier cat bed. Different baskets will then be able to suit him, not to mention the various varieties of cat kennels which will be the ultimate cat bed for him. Even the most demanding felines will find what they are looking for at our Orderkeen cat accessories store . There is not a bed for cats that, in our house, they would not like.

Cat beds by Orderkeen

They give your feline friend a special place to sleep or scratch . This is something very important for cats because they are very independent creatures and they do not like to be put in a situation where they have to depend on the help of another animal .

It is much more in the nature of the cat to be independent than to seek shelter with another living being. It is therefore essential for you, a cat owner , to offer your pet a comfortable bed.

If you want to buy the ideal bed for your cat, you should consider a self-warming cat bed. These beds use body heat to keep the cat warm, and in many cases they can be further heated if necessary by taking the bed outside.

They have become popular for many reasons. Many pet owners find it difficult to provide their pet with a comfortable place to sleep. We offer a variety of pet beds , from kitten design beds to more affordable beds , but these simple designs can make a difference in your cat's comfort.

Cat Beds

Experts on the subject often state that a cat's natural tendency is to sleep best on a firm surface such as a box spring or bed post . Additionally, most cat beds come with airflow control that ensures that the air in them remains fresh and clean.

However, most testers say that most new beds need constant refreshing to maintain their pristine appearance. This means a regular wash cycle in the washing machine, with a mild detergent, then a spin cycle.

Cat baskets

The goal of these cat beds is to give your cat something they will love and cherish! When you want to make sure your cat is happy and healthy, you need to make sure they have all the tools they need to live a long, healthy, disease-free life.

This means having a cat bed on hand . You can find these baskets in almost any type of food or product designed to be used as food dishes. You can also find the baskets in many different sizes and shapes.

Cat houses

Many of us have limited space in our homes, so it's very important that we can provide outdoor living space for our pets . If your home doesn't already have a nice, cozy outdoor room, you might consider purchasing cat trees or cat furniture to provide your feline with their own little corner in the garden.

Another great feature of most indoor cat houses is the ability to easily transport them from room to room. With a small indoor cat house , there's no reason to try to lug a huge, heavy cat box from one end of the house to the other, with all the mess that comes with it.

Indoor cat trees usually come in one form: a cat house with several platforms to climb on. They are usually made of wood or carpet and are easy to transport from room to room. Plus, most of them fold up quickly and conveniently for easy storage in your car or closet.