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Hats and gloves

Original cat ear hats and gloves for winter

When winter comes, your cat (if you are lucky enough to have one) knows how to keep out the cold thanks to a thick and soft coat. Neither snow nor frost scares him as nature has so well endowed him. And soon, thanks to Orderkeen's winter collection, you will no longer fear the cold either. And for good reason, you will find among our collection of cat design clothing , a large number of winter accessories including hats and gloves suitable for the season. So by protecting yourself from the cold, you can only purr with pleasure in your new winter finery.

The winter accessories inspired by the world of cats and offered by Orderkeen include first of all a hat with cat ears. Not just one in reality, but several, each with their own style. You can obviously also opt for hats with cat motifs . Regardless of your choice, all the hats offered here are intended to be both comfortable and warm enough to protect you from the horrors of winter. In addition to hats, you will find gloves and mittens in the shape of cat paws. Enough to find yourself as sheltered from winter as a domestic feline could be.