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Griffoir chat compact ZOEKAT™ griffoir, griffoirs, Mon
Griffoir chat compact ZOEKAT™ griffoir, griffoirs, Mon
Griffoir chat compact ZOEKAT™ griffoir, griffoirs, Mon
Griffoir chat compact ZOEKAT™ griffoir, griffoirs, Mon

ZOEKAT™ compact cat scratching post

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    Give your cat a scratching object that, from his point of view, is more desirable than your sofa or the legs of your dining table.

    Cats prefer to scratch on tall, solid objects that allow them to dig in their nails and get a good grip. This is why cats tend to scratch furniture.

    Most cats prefer (even more than furniture!) a scratching post, which does not wobble when scratched and is made of a type of corrugated cardboard.

    Place the scratching post where the cat wants to scratch.

    If your cat likes to scratch the sofa, place the scratching post next to the sofa. If your cat likes to scratch the wall near your front door when you come in, place the scratching post near your front door. Location is important !

    • Made from durable corrugated cardboard
    • Comfortable And Easy To Use
    • FREE Delivery From €35
    • To file cat claws
    • Scratch Resistant

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