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Who are we?

Orderkeen my cat shop

Accessories for cats and cat lovers: Orderkeen, Our Mission!

Cat with friendly behavior

We strive to improve the relationship you have with your cat. The one who is not just a simple pet but much more.

For You, we offer items that make your cat unique and special.

A cat comfortable in its own skin, a cat comfortable with you.

We are Orderkeen and we make sure to make your cat shine by giving it that little extra touch that changes the game.

Why cats?

Why not cats we will tell you. Cats are very unique creatures

What place does your cat occupy in your life?

cute kisses on my kitten

The cat is this particular, and sometimes mysterious, animal with which we have a very specific bond.

Some understand it, others don't. But for the rare people, including you, who have successfully created a relationship with your cat, we exist for you!

Why do we exist?

Soothed and soothing cat

We set up ORDERKEEN because, above all, we have cats as companions. One, two or more, these are beings who accompany us in each of our moments of life.

The cat has always been that animal that knew how to absorb our sorrows and express our joys. He was there, always as a faithful companion, reassuring and considerate.

It is to return all this love that we built Orderkeen . We exist to offer our cats unparalleled comfort, a unique experience and to change the relationship they have with us and the one we have with them.

Orderkeen, by cat lovers for cat lovers

The calming power of the cat

Are you crazy about your cat? We are also complete fans of ours. They enhance us, reassure us, are witnesses to our setbacks, our joys... Throughout our lives. And our duty is to take care of them. Return this love received with such generosity.

The story we write with our cats is that of enthusiasts. The story of people filled with love for their cat. Love that we transform into multiple accessories .

We invite you today, and the days after, to join us. Join our story about the one you have with your cat.

Experience complicity with your cat

For the Love of the Cat

Because you are as important as your cat, Orderkeen, your accessories store, offers you different items in honor and in the likeness of your cat. These are trendy clothes for you or your child. We are an inclusive brand and therefore offer a wide range of choices.

You also have the opportunity to purchase sublime decorative objects and unique items to perfect your bond with your cat.

The Founder of Orderkeen, your accessories store

Cat toy

Orderkeen was born from my love for my cat.

Very early on, a relationship of trust was born between us. He got used to my presence and I to his and the two became almost inseparable.

To improve his comfort, I quickly made toys for him. This alternative found to further brighten up his daily life very quickly became a passion. The passion to do more, the desire to give the best possible to this cat that accompanies me.

What Orderkeen offers you

To enhance your cat, we offer different types of accessories.

Whether it's clothing to adorn it, or even toys, we offer the best for your cat.

Each item is designed with the greatest care and by true work enthusiasts. From the first idea to the final creation, each step is thought out and designed for the well-being of the cat.

For your cat , opt for a new look, a different presence or rather the soft comfort of cocooning. We have developed different types of cat accessories to leave it up to you to choose the one that best suits your pet but also the one that resonates most with you.

cat beds kennels and houses

To satisfy you, we also offer various items bearing the image of your cat: clothing, decorative objects, new items. As much for little ones as for older ones. Do not hesitate to consult our catalog.

So choose items that reflect your image, items that reflect your identity and that of your cat.

Who are we?
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