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BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves
BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves
BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves
BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves
BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves
BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves
BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves
BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves
BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves
BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves

BRUSHEEKAT™ Cat Hair Gloves

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    Silicone Cat Hair Gloves: an innovative and practical solution for maintaining your feline's coat, while providing a pleasant massage.

    This pair of gloves is designed to make grooming, washing and brushing your precious companion easier. The built-in nubs in the palm of each glove provide a soothing massage sensation as they pass over your cat's coat.

    Usage tips :

    Simply put on the gloves and gently run them over your cat's fur in circular motions for a soothing massage. Also use them when shampooing for a pleasant grooming experience for your cat.

    Silicone Cat Hair Gloves for grooming are an essential accessory for cat owners concerned about the well-being and hygiene of their pet.

    Features :

    • Anti-Bite Function: Designed to protect your hands from cat bites during grooming sessions.
    • Versatility: Ideal for shampooing, brushing and massaging your cat.
    • Silicone Texture: This special silicone texture promotes rapid foaming of the shampoo and simplifies washing your cat.
    • Easy to Use: The soft, gripping texture allows for effective and effortless brushing.
    • Hot Water Resistant: Can be used with hot water without compromising its quality.
    • Easy Cleaning: Simple wash after use for immediate reuse.

    Specificities :

    • Colors Available: Blue and Pink.
    • Material: High quality silicone.
    • Dimensions: 30 x 15 cm.
    • Weight: 145g.

      Note: For optimal results, avoid using harsh or irritating products with these gloves.

      Order this pair of silicone gloves now to give your cat quality grooming while keeping your hands safe!

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