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Cat tattoos: Meanings and meaning

Cat tattoos: Meanings and meaning

Felines have always amazed men with their attractiveness, their grace, their unfailing impulsiveness and their slightly strange side. All these qualities, to name just a few, often invite their admirers to choose them as models for their future tattoos.

A cat tattoo is quite flexible in terms of execution patterns, areas on different parts of the body and what's more, it is rich in meaning!

Are you thinking about getting a cat tattoo and would like to know its meaning before taking the plunge?

Discover the unique symbology behind all the models of Cat Tattoos that we can list.

The meaning of feline tattoos according to beliefs and cultures

Among the Celts, for example, this animal represented the guardian of the Other World, hence its rather negative implication. Ancient Celtic people believed that sacrificing a black cat would ward off evil spirits!

In Asia, and particularly in Japan, the feline in question is considered a sign of misfortune. But according to Japanese traditions, Japanese culture believes that a raised cat's paw or cat's paws represented alone offer Luck and Beauty to the one who inked it on their skin!

In Islam, the scenario is not much different, as cats are generally associated with dangerous and evil jinn.

Occult black cat statuettes

All these unpleasant associations are not at all exhaustive when we talk about cat tattoos in the contemporary world.

In many Western countries, the cat in all its forms is essentially a sign of spiritual power, autonomy, the feminine side of all things, physical and psychological freedom and above all love of freedom.

It is undoubtedly because of these allusions that many young girls, and especially feminists, opt for a cat as a tattoo!

The feline is also appreciated for its agility and its ability to recover quickly. It is no coincidence that it is said that felines have nine lives.

Their impeccable survival instincts, as well as their flexibility in virtually any situation, have given them credibility as versatile animals, who stand their ground and almost never stop.

This is most likely the reason why many people who admire or aspire to flexibility, agility and skill choose the feline tattoo.

Lynx cat head temporary tattoo

The cat was a powerful totem among the Egyptians

In ancient Egypt, the cat was a powerful symbol of fertility also oriented towards motherhood, which was also associated with the moon. This suggests that the animal was spiritual and its exploitation was completely prohibited by law.

According to Egyptian legend, felines were first saved, then people, during fires.

Additionally, if someone killed a cat, it was considered a criminal act punishable by death!

In Europe, the black cat is linked to witchcraft and the occult world

A symbol of superstition and misfortune. For sailors, however, the feline was a sign of good luck, hope and a successful voyage.

The cat tattoo and the many styles it can take on

When it comes to designs for a cat tattoo, the possibilities are endless.

Geometric cat tattoo

Geometric cat origami tattoo

One of the most popular when it comes to feline inspired inks. It is precisely what its name suggests: more or less elegant figures made from geometric shapes .

They can have thick or thin outlines, be unfilled, with fancy shadows, dotted patterns, among others.

Origami cat tattoo

A sort of geometric inking where the lines that make up the animal recall the Japanese paper folding of the same name.

Apart from perfectionist geometric figures, admirers of sober patterns can opt for a shape with very fine contours, without information or filling.

The inside of the arm, the back of the neck and the shoulder blade are among the most discreet and appreciated places, especially by women. Naturally, the legs, especially the calves and ankle, are also an exceptional choice for your cat tattoo.

Mandala cat tattoo

Mandala cat tattoo

Fans of more visible and extravagant tattoo styles can opt for a Mandala cat tattoo with many fanciful details.

These are complicated designs that rely on the interweaving of Buddhist rosettes, proportions, symbolic motifs, etc.

If, on the other hand, you like felines, but you don't want a cat tattoo as such, you can always have only the paws or, more precisely, their prints tattooed.

And this is a remarkable choice, because a cat tattoo is quite flexible in terms of styles of execution, location on different parts of the body and even implication.

When it comes to the designs in which a cat tattoo can be done, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Cat tattoo models according to everyone's desires

Pet cat tattoo designs differ greatly, depending on the message a person wants to share.

Thousands of years ago, the process of tattooing was steeped in events and definitions, especially when the tattoo, such as a cat, had spiritual symbolism.

Even today, the Egyptian cat as well as the lucky cat are incredibly popular selections.

Egyptian cat temporary tattoo

What does the cat tattoo mean in general?

Usually, the cat tattoo is a symbol of luck, life after physical death, enigma, peaceful intelligence and grace.

Obviously, there are many variations of feline tattoos, all of which modify the deeper meaning of this ancestral art.

For some individuals, a feline tattoo may simply represent love for a dead animal.

Many individuals with a cat tattoo have a love of all things exotic and adventurous, may reject authority or seek a spiritual connection.

Definitions and Meanings of the Most Popular Cat Tattoos

Egyptian Cat Tattoo

egyptian cat tattoo

The Egyptian cat tattoo is generally used by those who are seeking or who have discovered inner tranquility.

This body art indicates a connection with the spiritual or immortality, usually representing a dead love or a connection to someone who is gone.

This tattoo can also represent the divine mother or mermaid of the moon, protection as well as the belief in survival of the fittest, as cats are predatory by nature.

Cat Eye Tattoo

Cat Eyes Tattoo

The cat's eye tattoo is typically linked to Egypt.

The cat's eye, like the human eye, is said to be a window to the heart. As felines are very expressive and intelligent creatures, the cat's eye symbolizes the inner workings, needs, conveniences and personal outlook on reality.

Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Cheshire Cat Tattoo

The Cheshire cat, character in Louis Carol's cult work "Alice in Wonderland", most often represents an investigative nature, a desire to seek reality as well as a touch of mischief.

As the famous feline said, “We’re all crazy down there,” with an over-the-top smile.

The body that leaves leaves this smile until the end, showing a good-natured side and unfailing humor. This tattoo can represent a fickle nature, a love for the amazing, or a wandering character.

Cat Face Tattoo

cat face tattoo

The representation of a cat's face can indicate the love of a pet cat, or the fact that its personality is close or even similar to that of the cat; because of its independent and wild character.

This tattoo representing a cat's face can also be an icon of feminism, beauty and elegance.

Cat Paws Tattoo -

cat paw tattoo

The classic and popular lucky cat paw tattoo comes from the old proverb that cats have 9 lives.

Assuming this is true, it's easy to see why cat paws are considered lucky, as felines are said to often land on their little paws.

Ideal location for a cat tattoo

The best placement for a feline tattoo is usually the arm, chest or back.

In many cases, a smaller tattoo, such as feline paws or eyes, is found on the inner wrist, back of the neck, or on the top of the foot.

In many societies, various areas of the body are locations linked to balance, well-being and spirituality.

The placement of a cat tattoo is usually associated with this spiritual way of thinking.

Of course, the legs and especially the calves and ankle are also a great option for your feline tattoo.

Stylized cat temporary tattoo

The message revealed by cat tattoos

  • Most often, a cat tattoo shares spirituality , consideration, cunning and imagination.
  • There are no limits to what a tattoo can share, as long as the tattooed person spends time contemplating aspects such as color, shape, placement and practice.
  • If you have a cat tattoo, you are likely to be a truly independent individual.
  • You lean towards femininity , you are most likely very intelligent, creative and kind to others, because you are compassionate and honest.
  • You're also likely very resilient when things don't go your way, and you recover quickly from disappointment.
  • You are sometimes moody, you feel better when you work alone, and you enjoy interacting socially, mostly on your own terms.

Selection criteria for a cat tattoo

The factors behind choosing a cat tattoo are always individual, but they may include a need to research:

  • spiritual aspects in your life
  • an idea of ​​autonomy and independence
  • a display of female strength
  • removing an obstacle
  • recovery from a bad life experience
  • bringing luck wherever your experiences take you.

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