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Guide to the Most Popular Cat Breeds

Guide to the Most Popular Cat Breeds

Some cats owe their popularity either to films, in which they are featured, or to sweet moments, shared with them among cat lovers. Affectionate , playful : these are the main qualities that cat owners look for in their animal.

Famous cat

A cat is characterized by its type. It can be either domestic , purebred , or hybrid . It is generally not possible to trace the lineage of a domestic cat, unlike a purebred cat. Hybrids are domestic cats crossed with wild feline varieties. The main pedigree certification organization in France, the Livre Officiel des Origines Félines (LOOF) , recognizes 63 distinct breeds among purebred cats.

The breeds we present to you here correspond to the most popular with cat lovers around the world.

But before getting to the heart of the matter, here is a tip to preserve the well-being of your animal: Keep your cats indoors. They will thus enjoy the longest possible life expectancy, up to 20 years. Outdoor cats, for comparison, rarely exceed 10 years of age. They are also likely:

  1. to be infected by other animals
  2. to fight with other cats
  3. to be attacked by predators
  4. from being run over by vehicles.

Fight between cats

Outdoor cats are even prone to mutilating or even killing birds and other wildlife.

Having said that, let's get back to what makes certain cats so popular. It's about their unique personality traits, their amazing appearances that make them hard to forget. Some breeds also demonstrate remarkable longevity .

The Siamese

Siamese cat breed

Formerly called Siam , the origin of this cat dates back to Thailand and became popular in the 19th century. The Oriental shorthair, the Sphynx and the Himalayan are descended from the Siamese. Most Siamese cats have distinct markings called "spots" which are the areas of coloring on their face, ears, feet and tail.

There are two varieties of Siamese cats . One has an apple-shaped head and a chubbier body, while the other features a larger head and a slimmer body.

Siamese cat

The Disney animated film Lady and the Tramp featured Siamese cats singing a song, demonstrating their intelligence and the beauty of their voices. Many Siamese natives of Thailand had crooked tails , a trait that has been eliminated from most but can still be seen in Thai street cats.

Quick Overview of the Siamese Breed

Height: up to 35 centimeters

Weight: 2.70 kg to 6.35 kg

Coat and color: black, chocolate, blue and lilac short hair, blue eyes.

Life expectancy: between 8 and 12 years

The Persian

Persian cat

The Persian is also affectionately called one of the "squashed-faced" cats, the Iranian cat or the Shiraz cat (named after the same city in Iran). Persians are known for their long and splendid fur . They can take on almost any color and have a flat face compared to most other cat breeds.

Persians appear in many films, works of art and advertisements. For several decades, this cat has enjoyed great popularity . Its coat, however, requires regular grooming, otherwise it risks getting tangled. He is at risk of various kidney and heart diseases, like many purebred cats.

Persian Breed Overview

Height: 34 to 45 centimeters

Weight: 2.30 to 5kg

Coat and color: long hair, plain (white, black, cream), two-tone coat: silver and gold

Life expectancy: 10 to 17 years

The Maine Coon

Maine coon cat

With a large stature and a thick coat, the Maine Coon stands out. Originally from the state of Maine and recognized as the state's official cat, the Maine coon is a friendly giant cat . He is known to be a great hunter. This breed was popularized after the CFA (association equivalent to LOOF in France) recognized it as a pure breed at the end of the 1970s.

The very popular Maine coon cat

Many Maine Coons are polydactyl , meaning they have extra toes , making their already large feet even larger. Thanks to this ability, they practice hunting in the snow using their large feet as snowshoes. The classic Maine coon coloring is a brown tabby , but this breed can show all colors.

Maine Coon Breed Overview

Height: up to 30 cm

Weight: 4 to 7 kg

Coat and color: Long, double coat with more than 75 possible color combinations; green, golden or copper eyes.

Life expectancy: 9 to 15 years

The Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat breed

They get their name from their docile nature. Like rag dolls, they seem to fall apart when you hold them in your hand. There was a time when people falsely believed that they couldn't feel pain. Ragdolls look a lot like Siamese cats , with their long, pointed hair and colorful patterns. They also have unique blue eyes and a dog-like personality , following their owner around the house.

Ragdoll Breed Overview

Size: 27 to 33 centimeters

Weight: 4.50 to 9kg

Coat and Color: Mid-length and silky, with many different colors and patterns; blue eyes.

Life expectancy: 13 to 15 years


Bengal cat breed

Bengals are cats with a wild look that they get from their coat. Yet they are certainly domesticated. They are talkative cats, who need sufficient exercise. Their coat comes in many colors dotted with spots and rosettes. Bengals were originally bred from domestic cats and a wild cat. It is also from this cat that they take their pattern.

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Bengal Breed Overview

Height: 33 to 40 centimeters

Weight: 3.60 to 7 kg

Coat and color: short hair, spotted with black chocolate-colored or silver-gray patterns; with green or golden eyes.

Life expectancy: 10 to 16 years

The Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat breed

Coming from Ethiopia (or Abyssinia in Antiquity) , the Abyssinian cat's fur is red, which gives it its unique appearance of having streaks. Its large pointed ears adorn its wedge-shaped head resting on its small, slender and muscular body. Their personality is active, curious, so they often follow their masters. Their behavior can almost be compared to that of a dog, playful and attached to its master.

Abyssinian Breed Overview

Height: 20 to 25 centimeters.

Weight: 3 to 6 kg.

Coat and color: red agouti coat, orange with short hair; decorated with bands of light and dark color; sometimes cinnamon and tawny in color.

Life expectancy: 9 to 15 years.

The Burmese

Birman cat breed

Like the Siamese and the ragdoll , the Burmese has a spotted color, blue eyes, and a moderately long coat without an undercoat, unlike the Persians and Himalayans. The Birman originated from breeding ragdolls , so it's no surprise that they look very similar.

Their difference, however, lies in their distinct personalities as well as their brands. Fun and sociable, they like their owners to pay them attention . They are, even more than others, one person's cats, in a word: possessive.

Burmese Breed Overview

Height: 20 and 25 centimeters

Weight: 4 to 6 kg

Coat and color: long, silky coat in black, blue, red, chocolate, cream and with standard or lynx points and dark blue eyes.

Life expectancy: 13 to 15 years

The Short-haired Oriental

Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed

At first glance, this slender cat appears to be a Siamese . But the Oriental Shorthair is a distinct breed. To avoid confusing them with Siamese cats, look at the color of their eyes and their coats: they generally have green eyes and are dotted with patterns.

The Oriental can also have long hair . Oriental shorthair cats are prone to skin cancer and cold weather due to their lack of fur. This is why we often see them wearing sweaters.

Breed Overview

Height: 22 to 27 centimeters

Weight: 3 to 5 kg

Coat and color: short, smooth coat with many color possibilities: solid, shaded, smoke and tabby with green, blue, golden and yellow eyes.

Life expectancy: 10 to 15 years


Sphynx cat breed

If you are looking for a cat that does not shed , then the Sphynx is for you. They owe their unique appearance to their lack of fur. They are very sociable, active and dog-like creatures. They have a regal and haughty appearance, but they are playful, goofy and act more like a clown despite this regal appearance.

Sphynx Breed Overview

Height: 22 to 25 centimeters

Weight: 2.70 to 5.40 kg

Coat and Color: Hairless, White, Black, Red, Chocolate, Lavender, Tabby, Tortoiseshell, Calico, Pointed and Mink.

Life expectancy: 9 to 15 years

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat breed

Devon rex cats have considerable ears that cover a slender body, covered in short wavy hair. He is an active and playful cat , to the point of being sometimes compared to "a monkey in a cat's body". This kitten will capture your heart with its lively and sweet character . He is also easy to train , and willingly lets himself be taught tricks.

Devon Rex Breed Overview

Height: 25 to 35 centimeters

Weight: 2 to 3 kg

Coat and color: short, fine, wavy hair; tabby and shaded varieties.

Life expectancy: 9 to 15 years

The Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat breed

Like the Persian, the Himalayan is considered a sub-breed within certain feline associations and as a pure breed according to others. They owe their color points to their crossing between Himalayan and Persian. They enjoy affection from their owners thanks to their gentle and playful personality.

Himalayan Breed Overview

Size: 25 and 30 centimeters.

Weight: 3 to 5kg.

Coat and Color: A dense undercoat and long topcoat that comes in spot colors and patterns of gray, blue, chocolate, lilac and cream.

Life expectancy: Up to 15 years.

The American shorthair cat

American short hair cat breed

The American shorthair cat is definitely American! It is an intelligent short-haired feline with a round face and short ears. It is often confused with mixed-breed domestic cats, but it is purebred. In order to differentiate it from domestic short-haired cats, its breed name was changed in 1966.

Medium in size, it has a gentle nature. As a result, it is an excellent breed for families with children or other pets. The American Shorthair is one of the most popular cat breeds in North America.

Breed Overview

Size: 20 and 25 centimeters.

Weight: 3 to 7 kg.

Coat and color: Short hair with a range of possibilities: white, black, cream, blue, brown, chinchilla, tortoiseshell, cameo, and others.

Life expectancy: 15 to 20 years.

Breeds to avoid

Scottish fold and Egyptian Mau

One of the most popular breeds would probably be a recognizable cat or a type that you can find easily. Rare breeds, such as the Scottish Fold or the Egyptian Mau, are beautiful and make excellent house companions, but are difficult to find.

Also avoid hybrid cats ; they indeed possess many traits of wild cats. They are often bright and athletic, somewhat unpredictable, but they are generally less friendly with their human hosts.

Did you want to adopt a purebred cat? We hope this guide has helped you.

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