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How to improve the relationship with your cat in 4 simple steps?

How to improve the relationship with your cat in 4 simple steps?

If you have a cat, you probably want to build a real relationship and a flawless bond with it. But sometimes it is difficult to tame your pet. How to show him your love? How to create trust between the two of you!? In this article, we share with you some tips that will help you establish contact with your cat.

Let your cat make the first move

Cat being petted

With a cat, it's almost instinctive to reach out to caress it, take it in your arms, cuddle it, etc.

But this is not the ideal tactic to adopt.

This is because when you focus on something else, like a good book – the cat is more likely to come closer. Furthermore, interactions last longer and are more positive when the cat takes the initiative in the activity and decides when it ends.

Speak your cat's language

Get into the habit of observing your cat. When he stretches, when he drinks, or even when he sleeps, get into the habit of observing his every move. Little by little, you will become familiar with his world and it will then be easy for you to communicate with him by reproducing some of his facial expressions.

Cat king master of the place

Pet your cat in its favorite places

Cats are very sensitive to touch and, in general, they tend to like being petted in certain places more than others. A small study showed that cats responded more positively (purring, blinking, paw kneading) to forehead and cheek strokes.

Of course, every animal is unique, but these studies give us a good starting point, especially if you're not yet familiar with your cat.

Give your cat space

Angry cat grimacing

There are many signs that a cat doesn't like your actions. These can be extreme signs, like hissing or biting , or more subtle signs, like flattening their ears, looking at your hand, or wagging their tail. When you receive one of these signals, it's time to walk away.

Your cat won't love you less because you don't pet it less. Respecting their wishes shows that you really care about their well-being.

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