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12 facts that show your cat really loves you

12 facts that show your cat really loves you

The way felines show love differs from that of humans. Cats show their love by purring, jumping and rolling over on their backs. In the feline world, there are many indicators revealing all the love your feline has for you.

Pink cat heart ring revealing all your love for cats!
1. The purring of the cat

caresses on the head of a serene and peaceful feline who purrs with pleasure

The most obvious and typical way for felines to show their happiness and love is by purring. You will frequently hear this vibrating sound when petting your feline.

2. Cat rolls

cat rolling on the ground to show you its trust and affection

Children tend to throw themselves on the floor and roll around during a tantrum, but when your cat does the same, it means he's excited to see you.

Cats have a pretty funny way of showing their love for you, notably by turning around you and suddenly starting to roll around on the ground! This is an affectionate greeting that means he wants your attention, especially if he shows you his soft little belly.

3. Cat Headbutts

headbutt between two cats which symbolizes family belonging and the trust they place in each other

Soft hitting is when your cat rubs its cheeks on you or an object, headbutts you with its forehead, or rubs its head on you. This is how your cat leaves its body odor on you, an extremely effective territory marker for felines.

Cats do this to demonstrate all the love they have for someone or even something. They may practice rubbing on other animals or on their favorite humans.

4. Cat claws

cat that scratches on a cat tree to define its territory and a sign of well-being in your presence

The scratches leave olfactory markers through the deposition of pheromones and visual property for a feline. Take note of where your cat scratches the most. Crucial places for a cat are often linked to its owner.

5. Cat kneading

white cat kneading with its paws

The kitten's paws knead against the mother's udders to cause milk to flow. Adult felines maintain this habit when they feel most relaxed, loved and appreciated.

6. Hunter cat who brings back his prey

little hunting kitten who brings back his prey, in this case a toy as an offering for his human master

Cats are adorable, but they are still small predators with hunter-predator instincts. Cats can capture anything from toys to mice, and they often share their loot with those they care about.

Cats who give you a grip deserve to be appreciated. They wouldn't bring you these special offerings if they didn't feel anything for you.

7. Cat game

Interactive rotating tray toy for cats

Cats play for pure pleasure, and their favorite companion is usually one that can be counted on and loved. Some felines can really handle the interaction by moving just out of reach so that you are forced to come to them and start playing.

8. Cat sleep

cat who falls asleep in the hands of his mistress indicating his well-being in her company

Felines typically sleep up to 16 hours a day. Since they are most vulnerable when sleeping, the place your feline chooses to snooze should be somewhere safe and trustworthy. There's no greater compliment than a cat choosing your lap as its favorite place to sleep.

9. Cat look

Azure blue cat's gaze which reveals all the love that the cat has for its master

Cats' eyes are crucial assets for survival, but they are very vulnerable. Cats that place their face and wide-open eyes near a person reveal immeasurable trust and love. A slow blink of a cat's eyes at you is perceived as a "Cat Kiss" - So cute!

10. Cat Tail Pose

The raised posture of the cat's tail demonstrates the love it has for you

Felines like to have this part of their body scratched. When a cat approaches you with its tail held straight up (the end hanging down in the shape of a question mark), it is a sign of love. A feline lifting its hindquarters towards your face is also showing you a sign of love.

In fact, kittens say “Hello” to their mother by raising their tails as a sign of respect and greeting. Once adults, cats keep this behavior and reproduce it towards the people they appreciate the most!

11. Cat meow

cat that meows to communicate with its owner

Cats rarely meow at other cats. Generally, only kittens meow at their mothers and they abandon this practice as adults. Your adult feline uses these vocalizations specifically to interact with people.

Like us, cats don't "talk" to people they don't like, so even if your feline pesters you with lots of meows, remember that he's interacting with you out of love.

12. Cat Grooming

Cat licking a man's hand as a form of grooming and indicating the fact that it belongs to his family

Felines spend a lot of time grooming each other, and friendly cats also groom each other. Cats that groom their favorite individuals, by licking their skin or hair, or by nibbling or sucking on their clothing, suggest excellent love towards them.

They thus spread a familiar scent and help make their companion an essential member of the family group.

Cat grooming claw

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