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Which cat to choose for your apartment?

Which cat to choose for your apartment?

When looking for a pet, we often think first of the domestic cat. An animal that is both very sociable but paradoxically very independent, it is often the first choice for anyone looking for a little company and entertainment at home.

That being said, before choosing your tailed companion, there are prerequisites to take into account. Because having a cat, to say the least, is not a light thing.

Prerequisites before choosing your cat

The well-being of your cat in an apartment

We live more and more in cities , and therefore, it is wise to choose a breed of cat that easily adapts to apartment life. Indeed, it is very important to understand that an animal, whether it is a dog, a cat, a bird, or a fish for that matter, is not an object that we have at our disposal and with which we do what we want. we want.

As such, your cat, whether an alley cat or a purebred cat, has needs , and if you want a happy and healthy cat, you must meet certain conditions essential to their well-being.

Criterion #1: your ability to take care of him, on all levels...

Cuddle with your cat

... starting with the quality of the kibble you give him, the care you give him, the time you spend with him, the attention you give him, and above all, the size of your apartment. Don't forget to plan a substantial budget for the veterinarian, and take out dog-cat insurance , which is highly recommended.

Criterion n°2: the size of your apartment

welcome a cat into your home

The size of your apartment is one of the most important criteria to consider, before you even start choosing the breed of cat you need. Because for your feline companion, your place of residence will be a place to live, and it is even more important to have an appropriate interior since your cat will not be able to go out. For him, your living space will be a play area . So make sure you have a minimum of space (30m2 minimum) , as well as at least 2 rooms.

Criterion n°3: the layout of the apartment

Cat in a green space

The apartment should also be well lit, with a view of a green space, such as a garden or some trees. For this purpose, provide a cat tree which will serve as a promontory to observe the outside. He will indeed spend long hours there. If you have a balcony where he can spend time, decorated with plants, he will be delighted.

cat kennels and houses

Finally, plan hiding places and be there often. With someone absent for too long, your domestic Sphynx could risk developing real depression. So spend time in his company, feed him properly , play games for him to exercise, and above all think about hygiene by changing his litter (very) regularly.

accessories and toys for the cat to create a space for him

There you are, do you have all the prerequisites to adopt a cat? Congratulations ! Now let's take a look at the cat breeds most suited to indoor life.

The best suited cat breeds

As you will have understood, your cat's temperament will be decisive in terms of its adaptation to its new environment. Certain breeds are in fact calmer and tolerate confinement better . To compensate, don't forget to regularly ventilate your rooms to freshen the air. It's also good for you.

Taking good care of your house cat

What are the calmest cat breeds?

#1 The Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat breed

Let's start with the one who is probably the laziest cat in the ranking. Very cool, the ragdoll is a cat that could be described as quite passive. He doesn't particularly need to exercise or hunt. His big advantage is that in addition to being very quiet, he is very affectionate and will be very close to his master.

To this end, you must be able to give it some attention, as well as time. You can't have everything! But I'm sure you're looking for that cuddly side that characterizes him.

Note that the ragdoll has a big advantage: its iron health. Their coat is also low maintenance, unlike the next breed.

#2 Persian

Persian cat breed

The Persian is easily recognizable by its Angora type coat and its characteristic features with a flattened nose and large round eyes. Familiar cat, with an almost English phlegm, he spends most of his time sleeping, which makes him very discreet and easy to get along with. However, he has a strong character! Wrongly described as distant, he is nevertheless very affectionate and friendly and knows how to reciprocate the affection that is given to him.

#3 The sacred of Burma

Birman cat breed

Very popular among cat owners, the Burmese comes from a French breeding program dating from the 1920s. The Birman may strike you in love at first sight, whether for its physique or the friendliness of its character. It comes from the cross between the Persian and the Siamese.

cat carrier bags

Perhaps this is what makes him so docile and loving to spend time alongside his human masters and mistresses. Birmans are easily tamed, which is why they are considered perfect cats for living in families with children. Their characteristic blue eyes and beautiful silky coat will not leave you indifferent.

#4 Russian blue

The Russian Blue cat is a calm breed that requires little maintenance

Here is a majestic cat ! Of all the breeds of domestic cats, it is surely one of the most captivating. With his short ash gray coat, his slender physique, and his almond green eyes, he is simply distinguished and fascinating.

Be careful, however, unlike the Burmese bird mentioned above, the Russian blue needs a calm environment, because it is very sensitive to stress. So, if you have to avoid placing him in a family with many children, he will be perfect if you live alone. If you respect these conditions and take good care of him, you will see that he will be very affectionate .

#5 The Scottish Fold

Cat breed Scottish Fold

With its drooping ears and large golden eyes, the Scottish Fold is a feline that often surprises with its atypical physique , which means that it never leaves anyone indifferent. Whether short-haired or medium-long-haired, the coat is plain, spotted or striped. Intelligent, kind, and reserved, he delights in the company of humans. Gentle and docile, his relaxing temperament makes him a perfect domestic companion for all types of people.

#6 The Carthusian

Cat breed Le Chartreux

Here is a very famous cat, the Chartreux! Solemn, feline in appearance , with a touch of mischief in her eyes. Its beauty and distinction are directly noticed and make it an enigmatic cat. It can be identified by its short blue and gray hair and weighs 3 to 7 kg. Very discreet and independent , this cat is however very attached to its owners and suits all members of the family. Its life expectancy ranges between 15 and 20 years.

#7 The American Shorthair

Cat breed American Shorthair

Very common in the United States, its name means “American short-haired” . It corresponds to the English British shorthair and the French European shorthair. But it is also popular in Japan. It traditionally lives as a rodent hunter, although it maintains a very affectionate side, which makes it a great pet.

As its name suggests rather well, this breed of cat originates from the United States. It owes its existence to its ancestors who accompanied the first European immigrants.

It comes from crossing alley cats with breeds such as the British Shorthair, Burmese and Persian. Quite rare in Europe, he enjoys quasi-star status across the Atlantic, where he was officially recognized in 1966.

#8 The Devon Rex

Cat breed Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a cat that is sociable and affectionate, but it has a unique characteristic: it is very cold! The exterior is therefore not really his element. Quite gentle, he needs attention and companionship from his humans, and he will be much happier if he is raised with other cats and if you take the time to pet him every day and play with him. him as long as possible.

The Devon Rex has another advantage: it can be easily trained. So, if you still want to exercise him a little, he will be perfectly able to let himself go out on a leash alongside you. You will do very well, because regardless of the breed of our cat, exercise is essential for its health!

#9 The Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat breed

I'm sure you weren't expecting this one! Indeed, the Maine Coon is the largest known breed of cat, and can measure up to 1 meter long. Legend has it that it came from the mating of wild cats from the state of Maine in the United States with raccoons ( racoon in English) from which it takes its name.

The Maine Coon is impressive in its size , rather unusual for a cat, and which gives it a wild appearance. This is why it looks more like a domestic Lynx than an apartment cat. Note, however, that the female is smaller than the male.

Maine Coon cat

But don't be fooled by the massive size of these cats , because as we are going to explain to you, their character lends itself quite well to apartment life. It is distinguished by its angular and square body, which gives it developed musculature. Its muzzle is rather pronounced and it has large, erect ears on the top of its head, decorated with small locks of hair in the form of plumes.

It has large oval eyes of a color that can vary: from pale yellow to copper yellow, green and gold. Its hair is mid-length and silky and unevenly long on its body : it is in fact longer on the back and sides. The Maine Coon has the particularity of having a thick collar of hair around its neck, which it loses in summer. Finally, its tail is very long and full.

The Maine Coon cat also called the Gentle Giant

Despite its build, the Maine Coon is actually a gentle and peaceful cat , who enjoys caresses. He is easily trained, and will not mind walking on a leash. He is also very playful and has a curious behavior. Prone to dialogue with his masters, you will appreciate that he coos more than he meows.

The Maine coon is a perfect pet that gets along very well with young children and adapts perfectly to the presence of other animals, whether cats or dogs. Like all cats, he retains his hunting instinct, but the Maine Coon is not the type to run and climb all over the house . He deserves to be included in our list of indoor cats.

#10 And the alley cats in all this?

Alley cats

The question needs to be asked . What we can tell you about alley cats is that they come from so many different crosses that their character is theoretically unpredictable.

Of all origins, of all colors, but also of all temperaments, if you are considering adopting one of our street friends , know that practical experience will be the best test. If you have the possibility (this is not always the case), arrange to test the adaptation of your future cat to your home for a week or two weeks, before the final adoption.

Adoption of a cat at home

Don't forget that your motivation to have a cat, to take care of it constantly, and to give it a lot of love , will have a lot to do with the success of your experience. We remind you once again that adopting an animal, whatever it may be, must come from a carefully considered and fully responsible decision, and especially not from a whim.

That being said, if you adopt a kitten, the alley cat is more likely to get used to your presence and its future life with you!

Cat clothes

So, we hope that this little guide (not exhaustive of course) will have given you some ideas for choosing wisely. We wish you good luck in your search.

Don't hesitate to consult the other articles on the site to find what you're looking for and lots of advice! See you soon on Orderkeen my chat shop

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