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8 cats that look like tigers, the ultimate guide to having a pet tiger!

8 cats that look like tigers, the ultimate guide to having a pet tiger!

As charming and prestigious as tigers are, you are probably aware that they are not the best pets to have at home!

What you may not know, however, is that there are many domestic felines that bear a rather wild resemblance to the tiger (Panthera Tigris), which is also part of the Felidae family.

So why not consider a feline with a tiger-like appearance for your next pet?

Whether you choose to let them roam outside or keep them indoors, tiger-like cats are not only incredibly beautiful, they will bring a unique majestic and beastly touch to your family!

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We've rounded up for you the eight cat breeds that most resemble their strong-boned family members (and will undoubtedly drive your friends and family into a frenzy). After all, your home may already look like a circus, so why not make it more lively with a devastating-looking domestic tabby cat?

The Bengal cat

the Bengal is a cat with a marbled and spotted coat reminiscent of the characteristics of the leopard

Resulting from the crossing of a small Asian leopard feline with a domestic cat, the VET Street reminds us that the Bengal has the appearance of a wild cat with the size and docility of a domestic feline.

This feline is known for its beautiful marbled or spotted coat, which comes in many shades, as well as its tendency to be very energetic and curious. If you're looking for an easy-going living room feline, the Bengal may not be for you.


The Toyger has the particularity of having a coat imitating that of the tiger as well as the gait and head of a wild animal.

The Toyger is a cross between a Bengal and a striped shorthair cat, resulting in a medium-sized cat with branched, tiger-like stripes and orange and black or brownish pigmentation.

This muscular cat with a calm personality is known for being outgoing and pleasant, which makes him excellent with family members (even those with children and other pets!).


The thick coat of the Ocicat cat is spotted like that of a South American ocelot
Named for its resemblance to the ocelot (a tiny wild cat with a polka dot and striped coat), the Ocicat is a cross between Siamese and Abyssinian cats, as well as American shorthair cats, according to the CFA (Cat Financial Association).

This is the only type of domestic cat with a speckled coat that has been solely bred to resemble a wild cat. This pet cat is large, sporty, and has various coat appearances, coming in a multitude of different shades.


The Savannah cat has a coat made up of hairs with a golden color close to that of the cheetah

Considered the largest type of tame cat, according to F1Hybrids, the Savannah is a cross between a domestic feline and a Serval, which is a medium-sized, large-eared African wildcat.

This pet cat has a cheetah-like appearance, with dark stripes around its eyes, a vibrantly colored coat, huge ears, and also long legs. You should definitely not keep him locked up because he needs a lot of exercise.


The Abyssinian cat has a short-haired coat with multiple colors which makes this breed unique in itself and gives it the appearance of a wild animal.

Considered one of the first breeds of companion cats, according to Vet Street, the Abyssinian is recognized for its ticked coat (ticked Tabby: unique hairs with several colored bands), which gives the Abyssinian the appearance of a small African wild cat.

With its great intelligence and also its power, this pet cat is certainly not lazy. But be careful, if you have other pet cats, this one will intend to be the only feline in the house.

The Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau has a silver coat color with dark spots like the leopard

The Egyptian Mau is perhaps best known for its wild agility and speed, but the CFA notes that it is also the only domesticated feline whose coat is naturally spotted.

You will also find this pet cat remarkably intelligent and most loyal, making it the ideal companion.


The Cheetoh cat is a rare hybrid breed with a coat similar to that of wild felines such as tigers or leopards.

Pet Guide notes that the Cheetoh is a cross between the Ocicat and the Bengal. But although it has largely gotten rid of its wild cat ancestors, the Cheetoh Cat is a feline breed resulting from hybridization which makes it look just as wild as its feline jungle cousins.

First developed in 2001 by breeder Carol Drymon, this breed is still relatively new, but this cat has already gained a reputation for being gentle, sociable, easy to train and makes for a wonderful family pet.

Serengeti Cat

A fairly recent breed among felines, the Serengeti cat strangely resembles the serval, a wild African feline without being its direct descendant.

Originally created by crossing a Bengal and an Oriental shorthair, the Serengeti cat is easily recognizable by its speckled coat and long, rounded ears, which give it the appearance of a Serval (although that he has no connection with the Serval).

Pleasant and fearless, this medium-sized cat is known for getting along with humans and also its peers, as well as climbing to impressive heights.

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Hope this guide will help you choose from these 8 cat breeds with striking similarities to tigers. Do not hesitate to leave us comments, the Orderkeen team will take great pleasure in responding to you!

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  • Non, ce n’est pas une référence au tigre. Ils parlent du chat bengal ou bengali, qui est le résultat du croisement entre un Prionailurus Bengalnsis (chat léopard asiatique, un petit félin sauvage), et un chat domestique. C’est une race hybride qui est vendue chez certains éleveurs.

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